Tim Healey, broadcasting history

Tim with Japanese koto (How Strange the Change)

Tim has broadcast widely on subjects ranging from music and social history to modern neuroscience. He was also a frequent contributor to the late John Peel's 'Home Truths', among other programmes.

BBC Radio 3 - Thursday 28 April 2022

Freethinking; May Day Rituals (contributor)

BBC Radio 4 – Tuesday 8 May 2012

Folk Song, Art Song (contributor)

Do folk songs lose impact when refined and beautified for concert recital?

BBC Radio 4 – Thursday 22 March 2012

Topping Tooters (contributor)

The story of Britain’s Waits Bands

BBC World Service – Wednesday 20 October 2012

The Heart has its Reasons (presenter)

Is modern neuroscience confirming what poetry, spiritual tradition and everyday speech have acknowledged since the dawn of time – that the heart is more than just a pump? It seems to have its own awareness, to process emotion and perhaps even store memory (which may be why you get strange reports of personality changes in heart transplant patients). Tim observes an operation with surgeon Francis Wells at Papworth, the UK's largest specialist cardiothoracic hospital. Guests include Dr Alan Watkins, a Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience and Psychological Medicine at Imperial College London, art historian Sister Wendy Becket and Dr Jay Lakhani from the Hindu Academy.

BBC Radio 4 - Saturday 11 September 2010
Hits of the Blitz (contributor)
What music were people really listening to during the Blitz?

BBC Radio 4 - Thursday 26 August 2010
Questions, Questions (contributor)
Tim Healey explores the mystery of the Green Man’s origins, with Mercia MacDermott

BBC Radio 3 - Friday 28 November 2008
Twenty Minutes: The Garden of Earthly Delights (presenter)
The mediaeval Goliards who wrote the satirical, often profane lyrics which Carl Orff set to music in his Carmina Burana. Independant 'Choice'

BBC Radio 4 – September 2008

Let Me Entertain You

Four-part history of popular entertainment, presented by John Sessions. Mediaeval, Elizabethan, Restoration, Victorian

BBC Radio 3 - August 2007
Stones that Speak (presenter)
Secular carvings in mediaeval churches. Gargoyles, low-life minstrels, pagan symbols, monks who bare their bums ­ what are they doing in places of worship? Three 15-minute radio essays…
‘Ungodly Entertainments’; ‘The Bawdy Tradition’; ‘Creatures of Nightmare’

BBC Radio 4 - Saturday 11 November 2006
The Soldier’s Song (contributor)

Barrack room ballads as sung today, in two world wars and earlier

BBC Radio 4 - Tuesday 28 March 2006
The Long View: John Bull (contributor)
Exploring the evolution of John Bull and his relevance to modern British life

BBC Radio 3 - Saturday 10 December 2005
Twenty Minutes: Billy Budd, A Song of Innocence (presenter)
Tim explores the sources of Benjamin Britten's inspiration for the opera

BBC Radio 4 - Saturday 16 July 2005
Home Truths
Tim talks about The Family Slide Show

BBC Radio 3 - Saturday 16 July 2005
Twenty Minutes: Blow the Man Down (presenter)
Tim interviews shanty singers at Falmouth, as interlude during HMS Pinafore at the Proms

BBC Radio 4 - January 2005
How Strange the Change (presenter)

5-part series unlocking the mysteries of key signatures in music. Why should major chords sound happy and minor chords sad? Why should dogs recognise the octave?
'Take one of these daily programmes all week and you will know the answers, through the clear explanations of Tim Healey and clever production of Dilly Barlow'
Gillian Reynolds's Choice, Telegraph

PICK OF THE WEEK! Clare Balding , Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 – Saturday 8 January 2005

Enter the Workhouse (contributor)
Archive Hour recalling the story of the workhouse

BBC Radio 4 - Saturday 6 November 2004

Home Truths

Tim talks about Re-enactors

BBC Radio 4 - Saturday August 2004

Home Truths
Tim talks about Wincing

BBC Radio 4 - Saturday 25 October 2003

Home Truths

Tim talks about De-cluttering

BBC Radio 4 - Saturday 23 Aug 2003

Home Truths
Tim talks about Boomerang Kids

BBC Radio 4 - Tuesday 29 April 2003

A Good Read (contributor)

Tim discusses 'From the Land of Green Ghosts'
by Pascal Khoo Thwe, HarperCollins

BBC Radio 4 - Ferbruary/March 2003

Lend Me Your Ears (contributor)
Sounds of Dickens's London

BBC Radio 4 - Tuesday 6 August 2002

High/Low, Fast/Slow (presenter)
The extremes of pitch and tempo

BBC Radio 4 - December 2002

A Little of What You Fancy (presenter)
The story of the music halls; 2 programmes

BBC Radio 4 - January 2001

At Home with Healey (presenter)

Tim invites musicians, historians and story tellers to his Oxford home to play the music of the past and find out about the people who played it. Victorian Song and Supper Rooms; Murder Ballads; Unusual Instruments; Britain's Town Waits; Political Songs; the Great British Barn Dance; and John Clare as a Country Fiddler.
'An enlightening series' The Financial Times

BBC Radio 4 - 1999

Dickens and the Marrowbones

Tim discusses the role of music in Dickens's life and work, following the release of the album Dickens and the Music of his Time by the Seven Dials Band (Beautiful Jo Records BEJOCD-9). Interviewed by Richard Coles in the series 'Airs of England'.